first cold Pressing

pressing + filtration


cold pressing setup

Arriving from storage, the whole seeds, after being cleaned and weighed, are dropped into the dosing feeder for entry to the press.

Caution: This process is not necessarily adapted to all seed types. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



  • Low investment
  • High quality oil, direct use after filtration
  • Good protein content in the meal



  • Yields depend on the variety of seeds, the level of humidity and the temperature. Use of a preheater or dryer is advised so as to stabilise the results.
  • No recycling is possible concerning the sediments contained within the oil
  • At a lower temperature than that of hot pressing, the oil is more viscous. It is advised to run a pre-filtration before filtering (screener or screening tank) and to allow for a greater filtration capacity