Horizontal and vertical cookers


Horizontal cooker

The thermal conditioning of oleic products is of great importance in the field of crushing, when it comes to extracting the oil by pre-pressure and more particularly by single pressure. The function of conditioning is to pre-treat the oleic cells of the materials in order to promote the separation of oil from the “dry” matter. Accuracy in thermal conditioning leads to higher quality of extraction by screw press.

We design and manufacture horizontal and vertical cookers.

The horizontal cooker is a tubular device with a double envelope inside which operates a paddle rotor designed to ensure that heat is applied evenly and also adequate agitation of matter. The rotor is driven by a geared motor group located on one of the flanges of the device.

The vertical cooker is mainly composed of a vertical cylindrical body. Installed inside this body are the heating plates which make up the various stages of the device. Mixing arms are securely fastened onto a vertical shaft and move inside during each of the distinct stages. This assembly is rotary driven by a geared motor unit mounted at the upper or lower part of the apparatus, depending upon implementation.

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