Entreprise olexaa company on a human scale

The company, founded in 1927, has become one of the world's leading specialists in continuous pressing, but it remains a family-owned business on a human scale.
With almost a century of expertise, today OLEXA® occupies a major position at a global level. The quality of its knowledge and experience has allowed it to complete over 1,500 projects.
Proud of this success, the third generation of the Bosquet family looked to the future by adopting the OLEXA® brand in 2016 (formerly La Mécanique Moderne).


an experienced team at your service

Ever since the company began, OLEXA® 's qualified and motivated teams have been the key to our success. Our expertise, our know-how, our innovative abilities... have made it possible to set up a system of continuous improvement.
For your maintenance operations, our technical team (technicians, project managers, assemblers...) is at your disposal to perform the work or assist your teams. The reliability of our equipment and the quality of our services allow you to benefit from the latest technologies and optimise your production tools.


made in france...

OLEXA® is an international company, equipped with the latest technology and proud of its roots in the Arras region. All our machines are manufactured in France, north of Paris. We provide innovative, customised solutions, according to the criteria of French high quality.


...International outreach

with this advanced technology and this quality 100% made in france, OLEXA® has developed a global customer base and installed more than 2,000 units in over than 50 different countries, 50 locations spread across Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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