MBS Screw presses


OLEXA® has a unique expertise in the field of separation of solid/liquid phases by means of continuous pressure. The screw press is mainly composed of:

  • A control group comprising an electric motor and a reducer.
  • A rigid frame which makes up the chassis of the press, and the tray which receives the pressed juice.
  • Two half cages which are cast or fabricated with welded or stainless steel
  • The cage consists of perforated plates or bars with geometrical characteristics which are adapted to the performance of the machine.
  • A piece or central shaft assembly with screws and rings
  • A thrust housing.
  • A fixed or removable stopper with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder
  • A protective casing for the entire machine in either stainless or painted steel.


Specially adapted to the challenges of dewatering

MBS screw presses dewatering by continuous pressing

Strong points

  • Simplicity of operation
  • Continuous production concerning dewatering
  • High rate of dewatering
  • Robust construction and adapted to the products being handled
  • Low maintenance overhead
  • Continuous production 24/7 without the need for human surveillance


  • Manufactured in heat-treated or stainless steel
  • Welded steel cage for the treatment of low pressure products
  • Moulded cage for the treatment of high pressure products
  • Cage with treated bars, perforated sheets or other specific production
  • Appropriate treatment of the screw press against wear & tear...