screening tank


screening tank

The screening tank deserves some particular attention in the field of separation of oils, fats and all products that can be subjected to static decanting.

Indeed, it allows further separation of sediments:

  • to be connected directly to one or more screw presses;
  • to fit perfectly into a sediment recycling circuit;
  • to be able to house a device for dewatering press feet.

The screening tank has the following features:

  • Static decantation;
  • Continuous separation and evacuation of sediments;
  • Liquid phase storage;
  • Alleviates workload on devices used at final clarification stage;
  • Integrated continuous spinning (optional).

The screening tank consists of a parallelepiped tank in which scrapers turn by means of conveyor chains. Strictly speaking, the separation is carried out via drainage upon a fixed grill attached to the upper part of the apparatus. At the end of this one, a trough collects the solid products and a screw evacuates them.

Does your project requires a screening tank?