Plates or vertical filter


filtres et cuves d'homogénéisation

We offer sediment bearing oil filters with either:

  • Filter plates with manual cleaning
    The filter plates consists of a set of trays between which polypropylene fabrics or papers are interposed and act as a filtering element. Each tray has two exterior ears which allows it to be placed, before tightening, on two longitudinal supports. The tightening of the stack is achieved by means of two retaining nuts sitting at the same level as the supports. The sealing of the assembly is ensured by the filter plates themselves, during tightening. This is achieved regardless of the pressure and the number of plates used.
  • Automated vertical filters
    The vertical filter consists of a cylindrical tank, made in thick sheet steel. At its upper part, the filter has a cover with a locking mechanism using tipping bolts and an opening system driven by a manually operated hydraulic cylinder, giving access to the filter elements arranged inside the tank. The different filtration steps can be managed by means of motorised valves installed on the device and returning information to the plant supervisor system.

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