With over 40 years’ experience in the field of rendering, OLEXA® designs and manufactures screw presses which are adapted to different categories of animal by-products.
Our design office can offer you a turnkey solution adapted to each product category.

The process of by-products transformation (varies depending on category) corresponds to the following steps:

  • Crushing of raw materials
    • Different types of grinding exist within our range
  • Cooking and sterilisation of products- our cookers range from a capacity of 4,000 L to 16,000 L.
  • Pressure by our MBV screw presses: 1-5 T/Hr, processing of products cooked to extract their fat.
  • By-product treatment:
    • Flour: crushing and sifting
    • fat: Centrifugation and filtration in order to remove impurities


Our range of MBV Screw presses


OLEXA® offers a wide range of screw presses from 600 Kg/hr to 6,5 T/hr of cooked and dried products with an installed power between 45kW to 160kW.


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