oil extraction turnkey plants


Thanks to our technical know-how and engineering expertise, we have been able to design turnkey plants. The OLEXA® team design, manufacture, install and start the equipment necessary to setup a « Greenfield » project.



oil extraction plant in virtual tour 360

Click on the image above to access the virtual tour and discover the plant and individual equipment at 360°... like a virtual showroom! 

As part of our engineering services, we can also provide the following documents:

  • A site plan for equipment installation, including general building dimensions
  • A flow diagram showing equipment, energy used and tracking (Machines, motors, sensors)
  • A list of forecasted energy consumption (electricity, steam, compressed air)
  • A list of discharges (steam conditioner)
  • The foundation plans for each type of equipment including floor installation and technical data (mass, seal type, connections, etc.)
  • The overall plans for steel structures, machine supports, handling supports, nozzles (the latter is not provided and is only covered in the plans)
  • A diagram of plumbing principles: steam and condensate (conditioner), oil circuit (filtration), press fume extraction up to the outlet flange or even a complete study of the pipes (procurement and installation of equipment would be your responsibility)
    • Detailed drawings (isometrics) of all pipes with parts lists
    • Pipeline list
    • Calculation note according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive
    • Pipe measurement (lengths, number of elbows, reductions, etc.)
    • Production of a 3D model
    • Support study
  • List of techniques (sensors, motors, length and type of cables, etc.)
  • Schemas of electric automation and power cabinets.
  • Equipment manuals in local languages.

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