Issue of 03 Décembre 2021 - News

Nouvelle presse assechement MBS600 1

Nouvelle presse assechement MBS600 2

Nouvelle presse assechement MBS600 3


The latest in our drying range, the MBS600 press can process 15 to 30 Tons per Hour of product, especially in the field of drying plants such as alfalfa or corncobs and spathes.

The press increases the dry matter content from 15% in the input to more than 35% in the output depending on the product. The first machine of this new series was commissioned in August 2021 and gives complete satisfaction in terms of flow, dewatering and low sound level in operation.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 15 to 30 T/h
  • Installed capacity: 55-90 kW
  • Dimensions: 6.49 x 1.55 x 2.7 meters
  • Dry matter entry press: Approx. 15%
  • Dry matter press output: More than 35%
  • Empty weight: 20.5 tons


  • Frame made of high-thickness painted steel sheet.
  • Central shaft equipped with three screws turn from rods.
  • Steel cage equipped with perforated sheets and special bars.
  • Drive by pulleys/belts

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