Issue of 22 Décembre 2023 - News

Montage retrospective 2023

Before starting 2024, let’s look back at some highlights from 2023 :

  • 3 screwpresses for insects cold pressing especially black fly larvae
  • 1 screwpress for grated coconut cold pressing
  • 1 screwpress for Sunflower seeds 350kg/hr cold pressing
  • 1 oil extraction plant for Soybeans 75T/24hr full pressure
  • 1 screwpress for cold pressing of macadamia nuts and sesame
  • 3 screwpresses for Soybeans extraction
  • 1 factory extension for 72T/24Hr double pressure processing of Sunflower seeds or 36T/24hr full hot pressure processing of Soybeans
  • 75T/J hot pressure Soybeans plant.

And still many others 1 press for meat bone meal, 1 press for greaves etc. 2023 was rich in new projects, technical challenges and innovations.

A huge Thank you to all Olexa staff, customers and suppliers for being with us!