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Chenevis is the name given to the seed of hemp, a herbaceous plant of the genus Cannabis. The seed is used as is for fishing and feeding birds. It is also used to make hemp oil, drinks, animal feed, etc.


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From the Latin name “Cannabis Sativa” (Moraceae family)
Alternative names: Hanföl (All), Hempseed (GB); Canape (It); Bazrub Ginnab (Arabe); Ganja Atta (Ceylan); Ganjar-Bij (Bengale); Gangetre Cing (Hindoustan); Kinnabis Defroonus (Afghanistan); Tukhme Kinnab (Perse).
Origin: Europe, USA, Chile, Japan, India, Manchuria, etc.
Description: seed
Oil content: 28 to 35% on Average
Colour: greenish yellow to brownish yellow
Smell: strong


Uses of oils and meals

Food, Soap factory, Varnish industry, Cosmetology.


Extraction characteristics

  • Cold pressing: pressing in whole seeds
  • Ambient temperature: Min 20°C
  • Product temperature  before pressure: Min 25°C
  • Humidity of the product: Min 7%
  • Oil content in cakes: 10 to 12% depending on seeds characteristics

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