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Shiso, also known as Chinese basil, is an ornamental and edible plant. It is grown mainly for the beauty of its foliage. The aroma of the leaves is somewhere between aniseed, lemon balm and a hint of cinnamon, a little peppery, with a taste similar to mint and basil. The flowers are also edible. They can be used raw to flavour salads and raw vegetables, or cooked to garnish fish or enhance the flavour of a rice or vegetable dish.


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From latin name « Perilla Nankinensis » (labiatae family)
Alternative names: Perilla frutescens, Shiso, Su-Zi, Japanese parsley
Origin: China, Japan
Production area: Korea, Japan, China, India
Description: seed
Oil content: on average 38 to 44%
Oil colour: yellow


Uses of oils and cakes

Food, Cosmetics /Aromatherapy
Perilla oil as the distinction of being the richest vegetable oil in Omega 3 : 2 times more than linseed oil and 6 times more than rapeseed oil.


Extraction features

  • Cold pressing: whole seed pressing
  • Room temperature: Min 20°C
  • Product temperature before pressing: Min 25°C
  • Product humidity: around 6%
  • Oil content in the cakes: around 10%

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